Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking New Trails

I was the first person in all of Canada, to my knowledge, to hang a shingle on my door that said that I was a Shaman that was ready to help people. Of course I knew long before this event that this was the case, but I was also waiting for the "green light" from Spirit as to the correct timing of things. After all, as was previously written about in this blog, when people are not ready for this they can become very cruel in their responses.

So I waited for almost 20 years for the green light to be given. In the meantime, I was simply doing the work and not saying what the work was that I was doing. I would mask it to the general populace as being "counselling" or "hands on healing" or whatever the one inquiring would comprehend as non-threatening. I was ever so happy when the green light was turned on. No more hiding. No more having to cushion who I am or what I do. Then the fear set in. "Oh, My Goddess! This could be dangerous!". It never was. At least not in any way that I could not handle.

The thing about breaking new trails is that eventually it becomes paved and commonplace. Thanks to my pioneering spirit, many others have come out of the woodwork and declared themselves as doing this type of work. Granted, they do it their way and I do it my way, but I helped to take the fear out of it for them in that, although there would be personal issues around coming out of the shamanic closet, the stage was set for acceptance. I still find it strange to have someone say, for example, to my niece, who mentions casually that she is going to visit her uncle who is a shaman, "Oh, my God! Trent Deerhorn is your uncle?! I know him!" I guess that my name has gotten around a little bit. Clients have shared with me how on the other side of the planet people have the same response when they mention my name. It freaks me out a little, not because of fear, but because this grew much larger than I ever expected it to grow. This excites me. I am happy to be of service internationally, but I am also just a guy and I hope that people can keep that in mind when speaking of me. It humbles me to think that someone far away has so much appreciation for the work that I do. And to everyone who does appreciate me, let me say, "I love you too!".

Someone has to volunteer to break the trails. I just happened to be chosen by Spirit to do it. And because They knew that I am an adventurous spirit myself and like to break a few conventional rules along the way, I guess that They knew I was the one for the job, even when I did not completely know it myself. To Spirit, I also say, "Thank You! And I love You too!".

Blessed Be

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Vanitha said...

From "Bridging the Gap",
to "Reaching New Heights" and now "Breaking New Trails", You "Deer" Shaman are really helping us along our path! This "Map Goddess" truly appreciates your guidance and is very glad you have come out! "Of the shamanic closet", that is!

Riverwolf, said...

Thanks for being a trailblazer! and thanks for your email, too. I'll get back to you soon.