Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snow Goose

"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself." Lao-Tse.

I know a person who says it takes 2 hours for her to get ready for work in the morning. What on earth can take 2 hours I don't know. She works in the cosmetics industry. I guess that says it all. We are bombarded by images of what it looks like to be "put together" and, therefore, acceptable. When we really get down to it, if we were on a plane that crashed and we survived the crash and were stranded on a deserted island, would lipstick really matter? No. What would matter would be food and shelter.

I personally don't intend to be on a plane that crashes, so hopefully I will not regret writing those words one day. However, I can certainly say that the most important thing in presenting myself has always been to simply be myself. Yes, I wear nice clothes and I wear jewelry, but the most I do cosmetically is shave, put on skin lotion (unscented) and deodorant. If all else failed, I would be stinky and hairy. That is just the way it is.

We get so caught up in others' expectations though. We think we have to have and wear what is "in" so that we will fit in. I personally would rather not try to fit into something that is not me. I like the way I am and if anyone else doesn't like it, then it is their loss. Nor do I need to like them. We can respect each other, yes, but we need not like each other. I have found that being liked by everyone is too difficult a task and that it takes way too much energy and time. Trying to like someone that I really don't like is also a waste of time and energy.

Be yourself. Love yourself. All else will either not matter, or will simply and easily fit.

Blessed Be


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Katie May J. said...

I like two hours in the morning before leaving my home too, but not for putting on makeup, doing my hair, or any of that sort of thing. Two hours gives me ample time to drink my two cups of coffee and use the toilet about three times. Rushing out the door stresses me so that the old bod doesn't work in the manner to which it has become accustomed. Just sayin' maybe the person you spoke to didn't want to spell it out!