Friday, July 3, 2009

Fly By Shooting

This afternoon I went out for a coffee run for my coworkers. On the way back, I stopped at a stop sign. Both the driver and passenger windows were down, thank goodness, because (and this is strange, even for me) a pigeon flew right through my car!

That's right. It just shot right through. I had looked to my left and this, I believe, is what made enough room for it to get past my face. I saw it headed for me and thought, "That bird is gonna..." and it did! This was truly a fly by shooting!

Yup. I might be stranger than most, but I am no longer a stranger to this sort of event!

Blessed Be



Gail said...

Just hope it wasn't gang-related!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Believe me, if too many gather in my car they will have to flock off!

Anonymous said...

Wow--if you haven't already, you should research what pigeons symbolize! Maybe that carrier pigeon was delivering a message--hopefully one you didn't have to clean up.