Friday, July 24, 2009

Reaching New Heights

Sometimes in order to reach new heights we have to let go of those things that are tying us down. This may mean emotional burdens, it could be financial situations, or possibly even some aspects of our own personalities or expectations of ourselves.

When I was finally able to let go of feeling like there was no one else like me in the whole world and all the loneliness that went along with that, I was able to find my "tribe", which allowed me to reach new heights in my self-awareness and my abilities as a person and as a shaman. There is nothing quite like the feeling that no one will understand you. The rub with that feeling is that you then don't allow others the opportunity to get in, so then it affirms the feeling of loneliness.

Allow yourself to release all that has been holding you back. Allow yourself to see what it is that no longer matches who you truly are and, thanking it for serving you as long as it did and for teaching you all that it did, let it go. Then go climbing. You will be amazed at how high you can get!

Blessed Be

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