Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday I chose 2 cards for my guidance for the day. In the Flower Spirit Cards, I picked the Amaryllis. This flower spirit speaks to us of past hurts that have affected our sexuality and our sexual expression. Then my Osho Zen Tarot Cards revealed the card called "Innocence", which speaks of how we need to return to our innocent minds and our innocent hearts. The absolutely cool thing about these, other than that they both spoke to the same issues, was that they were both, in their respective books, on page 40.

That is what really caught my attention. When we have that kind of synchronicity, there is no doubt that we are having a moment of Divine intervention. Some would call this "coincidence", but that does not mean that it is accidental. It simply means that our path and the path of the Universe have coincided perfectly.

We all have experiences that have harmed us, especially sexual experiences. It can be anything from the result of a clumsy first time that ended with embarrassment, to an actual assault that was inflicted upon us. The thing is, we have to keep our sexuality and our love feelings pure. Religion talks a lot about love and tells us what it is supposed to look like. The problem with that is that then we don't have the pure, raw form of the emotion, thus we get that emotion all screwed up. Religion doesn't tell us how to hate properly, just that we shouldn't. But hate, like love, is completely pure in the emotional field of the human experience. If we could love in as passionate a way as we can hate, we would be much better off. Our creativity and our passion would not be hindered by the religious refinement of love, and our sexuality would also become pure and simple. We really need to discard the clutter of our religious and social upbringing and engage more with the raw, primordial self in order to truly become at one with ourselves as humans.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

The pure, raw expression of love can be as simple an act as smiling at a stranger whose eyes meet yours when you pass each other in the street, or as heart wrenching as saying goodbye to a loved one in their final moments in this life, watching them slip into the Light to begin the next phase of their existence.
I hear what you say about being screwed up when it comes to sexual expressions of pure, raw love - the nakedness, sweating, joy, laughter, pleasure, the 'afterglow' - organized religion has demanded and expected human beings to keep these feelings bottled up until 'the proper time', which is usually the wedding night, when the dam is supposed to magically burst, all the pent up sexual energy can be released, and 'the earth moves'. What is a person to think if the dam doesn't burst and the earth remains motionless - that it must somehow be their fault 'cause they did it wrong, or their god didn't bestow this gift upon them because they had impure thoughts? Gimme a dam break!
Is it any wonder that so many people are screwed up when it comes to sex and sexuality? Know what, though? People the world over are 'awakening' and beginning to realize they don't have to remain screwed up, that there are other ways to perceive and think and act.
2012 approaches...