Monday, November 23, 2009

The Castle Keep

All my life I wanted to live in a castle. The one in my vision was much like this one that my friend photographed in Scotland. There had to be hills and a lake and turrets and stuff. A very magical place it was. In my mind there was nothing that could penetrate the walls of the castle other than the power of love itself.

It seems, however, that to date all the past lives that I have remembered where I have actually lived in a castle ended very badly. In a castle I was burned as a witch. In a castle I was slain for having an affair with the queen. In a castle I was smothered before I was even 8 years of age because some idiot wanted the crown and thought that he needed it more than I. Castles, castles, castles! Death, death, death! Sheesh.

One day, when I am king and live in a castle, I am going to make life easier for everybody. I will decree that people must pull into the outside lane on the freeway and allow merging traffic to merge. I will decree that, for fear of instant death, people will no longer be allowed to talk on cell phones or text each other while driving! I will decree that people who generally drive in idiotic ways loose their licenses immediately....or be imprisoned with those of their kind. Can you tell I have had a few close calls lately? I will also decree that stupid people who don't accelerate to the freeway speed limit when merging will have their cars impounded...just because they are stupid and holding up the flow of traffic. Oh, the list goes on! But enough of that. Perhaps there is a reason why I am not king and don't live in a castle this lifetime. Besides, not living in a castle allows me certain liberties that I would otherwise not have.

Liberties you say? Why yeeeeesssss. Liberties! I can, without living in a castle, not worry about the paparazzi. I can also go to the grocery store and not worry about anyone trying to slay me on the way there or back....well...other than the stupid drivers that is. I can come home after a long day at work and remove my socks (which I despise wearing anyway), kick back and watch a movie. I don't have to be saddled down with signing any decrees with the royal seal. I don't have to worry about anyone smothering me in my sleep because they want the crown. They may, of course, try to for other reasons, but not that reason. I can take a quick trip out of town and not worry about my absence being detrimental to the well being of my country. Whew! I am so glad I don't live in a castle!

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

It may be just a "little house on the prairie" but aren't you "King of Your Castle" now?