Thursday, November 19, 2009

Got my eye on you, baby!

That is what one of my Spirit Guides said to me today. I was doing energy healing work at a health fair at a college in town when it happened. There was a young guy who was having issues of stress and anxiety and I was talking with him about it while streaming energy into his system. The conversation turned to a moment of grief in his past. As this unfolded, the blockage of the energy in his heart chakra also released and fresh energy was able to then get in.

At that point, the Spirit Guide (a cat/human image) showed up and said to me, "I got my eye on you, baby!" I knew that he was quite proud of what I had done to assist this young fellow. But he was also saying that I needed to apply some of my knowledge, wisdom and expertise toward myself in order to move the healing of the passing of my sister along.

The other day I picked up a birthday card for another sister and it hit me that I had always picked up two, because the sister that had just died had a birthday within 2 weeks of the one for whom I was currently getting a card. Ouch.

It is little rituals like this that bring home the loss for a person when a loved one dies. That is why events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to be emotionally charged for people after a death in the family. So part of the healing that I will be doing is that on her birthday I will be lighting a candle for her and asking her spirit to make a wish for itself on her healing journey on the other side. This will be something I may do once, or it may be something that I do each year for a while. That all depends upon what I sense I need to do. And I have the help of my Spirit Guide to assist me in that process.

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you are attuned to those small spirit voices or stirrings that others might brush off. I'm still working on that!

Gail said...

We had a death recently in our family, too. My mother-in-law, Audrey, parted the Veil and crossed over on the 25th of November. She is now happily reunited with her loved ones who passed before, but the rest of us here are left to miss her in our day-to-day lives.
I prefer to remember that the anticipated reunion between Audrey and her loved ones on the Other Side was a joyous event, and not dwell too much on the empty Audrey-space that was left in all of our lives when she passed. She will be missed, no doubt about that, but she was also welcomed with such fanfare when she arrived on the Other Side, her husband, Bud, front and centre of the throng that awaited her for who knows how long.