Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Waters 3

No matter what we think, say or do in this world, there is a ripple effect that happens as a result. My mother taught me that with water. She had me throw a stone into the pond that had very still water. Then she asked me what I noticed? I said, "It splashed." "What else?" she asked. "Well, it made ripples," I said. "And where are the ripples going?" she asked. "To the shore," was my reply. "Yes," she said, very gently. There was then a time of silence between us. Then she looked at me....and I looked at her.....and then I said, "Fine, I'll go apologize to my brother." Her mission was accomplished.

The thing is that, no matter how deep or how still the waters are, when you drop something into it, such as a rain drop or a stone, it makes a splash. It will always ripple outward, in all directions, as well as back to you, right where you are standing. In life, the same applies to our thoughts, actions and words. It might take a while for it to ripple back to us, but most often it is what I have coined "insta-karma". So if we are going to make a splash at all we might as well make it a good splash instead of a negative one.

Oh, and one more thing. Do you see the "eye" watching you from within the photo? There is always someone watching you. Even if no one is in the room, spirit watches us. I know that freaks some people out because they associate that with a stalker syndrome or something. But really, it is a comfort. Someone has to keep a record of our behaviour and that way we will, when we ask the question, be answered as to what we need to repair in our lives and how to do it. The guidance is always there, gently waiting for us to open up and receive it. At the very least, we can always remember that just at the time when we think that no one is watching, we are setting an example for someone who is there, unbeknownst to us. My mom always used to say, "You can tell the character of a man by what he is doing when he thinks no one is watching." So true.

Blessed Be

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