Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Waters;

They do run deep. This is what my mother used to say to me. "Still waters run very deep," she would say as she observed someone. At first I thought that what she was saying was that shy and quiet people have much more going on inside of them than they tend to let on to those around them. I think that this is the version of that saying that most people think it means. My mother, however, would sometimes talk in spiritual code.

I learned that she was not necessarily talking about shy people. She was actually referring to the "dark passenger" that she would observe in others. We all have a dark passenger. This is the hitchhiker that tries to sway us into self-destructive behaviour. It is the one who does not seem to care who else they harm along their path of destruction. For myself, the dark passenger is the one who is thrilled by a morbid sense of humour. Black comedy sometimes absolutely cracks me up. The War of the Roses was a movie that a lot of people didn't like, but I found to be hilarious. And seeing someone slip on ice renders me useless to help them because I can't stop laughing. I can't stop laughing even if it is myself who has slipped on the ice!

As I have walked through this life I have discovered an even darker side to humanity. This is the side of humanity that creates rapists, murderers and child molesters. These ones have a particularly darker passenger. I sometimes cringe when I pick that vibe up off a person. It is not easy being gifted and getting visions of what people actually are capable of or have done. Sometimes it leaves one feeling slimed.

But there are reasons for every gift. Although they can sometimes seem like curses, we also have to experience them to truly come into our power. That way we can still help the innocent as they encounter others' dark passengers. They help us to come into our own power so that we can become of more service to our people.

Blessed Be

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