Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Waters 2

Have you ever noticed when you look at water that there is so much beneath the surface? In this photo you can find all sorts of plant life and the rain drops almost make it look like there are eyes looking up at you from within the water. An entire ecosystem is functioning beneath the surface!

My mom was right when she would observe the stuff beneath the surface of people. I learned to do that very early on in my childhood. My challenge was to not blab my mouth about what I saw. I remember telling a woman who stopped by for tea that she didn't have to worry because her husband was going to leave that other lady soon. She burst into tears. My mom scooted me out of the room and told her to stay there and she would be right back. I was around 3 perhaps, and that was my first lesson in that thing called "tact". I learned to not spill my guts about everything of which I was aware because not everyone wanted to know, not everyone was ready to know, and I would not know how they would respond.

That is a lot different from how some people, as they are growing up, learn to just block it out because "it isn't real" or "you must be crazy to think that" or "If we don't know that, then there is no way you possibly can know that". These types of messages actually cause people to shut down their intuitive processes. This harms them beginning at a very early age and onward through their lives until they reclaim their own gifts, abilities and powers.

My mother never doubted my abilities. She did, however, do her best to teach me how to use them ethically and tactfully. The other shamanic teachers that I have had along the way have also been rather impressed that I have been able to develop so strongly and not have my ego get in the way of my ethics. Okay, so I admit it, there has been a time or two when I have utilized my abilities to create something of personal gain that would otherwise not have been able to happen. They were few and far between, but each time I also learned yet another reason why not to do that. I have always said that if we cannot learn from our mistakes, then there is really no reason to make them. I am probably not the first one to say that, but I have always said it. So now and then I too make mistakes. But that is another blog entry altogether.

What I am getting at is that sometimes people expect complete transparency and then when they actually get that expectation fulfilled, they are horrified at what they have learned. People sometimes think that it is my job to tell them everything right now. It is not. That would deny them the opportunity to learn at their own pace. It would also, quite frankly, screw them up. Those of you who are gifted out there know that what I am about to say is true. Most people are actually afraid of the truth and the expansive capacity of it. So for people to think that I should tell them absolutely everything I know in, say, a one hour session of talking, is not only unreasonable, it is delusional. I have learned what I have learned in so far 46 years of my life on this planet, plus numerous past lives of which I have recall. It would still take lifetimes to share all that I know. I only hope that I will be able to share enough of it with enough people to make a positive difference on this earth one day. But that won't happen in an hour....or two....or three.

I will share this though. Love is the greatest power of all. And that is why I am inviting all of you to share with me, and all the readers, a true love story. This can be a love story from your personal past, or one that is about a family member or a friend. The theme, though, needs to be "Love". Now, you will not need to just put it in the "comments" section of this blog. If you like, you can email it to me directly at I do encourage you though, to share your story with the rest of the readers. Love stories inspire us. They motivate us to become better people than we ever thought that we would be. And please only send me stuff that you don't mind having shared with others. I plan to collect the stories and perhaps publish them, either in the blog or in a journal. I want as many stories as you can think of because I will also use them as teaching tools in sessions and workshops. So there it is. The invitation is there for you. Do with it as you will!

Blessed Be

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Marion said...

"That would deny them the opportunity to learn at their own pace." This was very important for me to learn...I thought, when I was very young, that everybody would want to know what I knew about them. It was a hard lesson. And sometimes, I still fall down on it.

Thank you for this post, Trent...I agree absolutely!

I found your blog through Google alerts.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Thank you so much, Marion. It is indeed a difficult one to learn and incorporate. Without that knowledge, we do run the risk of becoming inadvertently manipulative of those around us. I am so happy that you are on the journey with the rest of us.