Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Makes Scents!

No matter how "natural" a product can be, there is still the possibility that someone's senses will be overly sensitive to it. Take the average Peony for example. I love those flowers. They are like the most humongous rose on the planet. I love seeing them and enjoying them in the back yard. But I have to be extremely careful about bringing any into the house. That is not just because of the ants that come in with them.  It is because the scent that is on them permeates the rest of the house and I end up with allergic reactions.

I have had situations happen with clients who, for example, do not use perfume of any kind, yet the scent of the "natural" products that they use for washing and for styling their hair etc is so overwhelming that it closes my throat very quickly.  I usually ask people to not wear that sort of thing when they are coming to see me, but then if that is the only soap that they own, it also becomes an inconvenience for them.  I don't want to be inconveniencing them.  Yet I have to think that if it affects me so much, perhaps it also affects the next client as well.  What to do....what to do.

I guess the thing that we all have to consider is what sorts of irritants we utilize that will create problems for other people.  I have not used after shave for about 25 years because I found that people would have strong allergic reactions to the scents.  I use unscented lotion for my face and body so that I am not creating issues for anyone, least of all myself.  I am also finding it more difficult as I go to find lotions with no scent.  It seems that the hypoallergenic aspect to products is becoming less popular than it was 5 years ago.  At the same time, I don't think I should have to pay three times the price to get something at a "natural foods store".  So the search continues at times, and sometimes I luck in.  Oh well.  I know that one day it will all make scents!

Blessed Be
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