Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shiva and Shakti

What a beautiful image of the Yin and the Yang! Shiva and Shakti are the Hindi Gods of Fertility. Shiva, the masculine, is considered to be the "Destroyer" and Shakti, the feminine, is considered to be the "Nurturer". This is a bit different from the usual concept of Yin and Yang. The Yang, or masculine, is considered to be the Light and the active, whereas the Yin, the feminine, is considered to be the Dark and receptive. The thing is that most often because she is considered to be the dark, she is also considered to be the "destroyer", seeing as how, as we all know from a Christian perspective, the dark is a devious thing that is not to be trusted. It makes me wonder just how much non-Christianized versions there actually are left?

Perhaps in the Taoist version of things, there is a concept of the feminine being dangerous. I don't think, however, that it was necessarily dangerous in destructive ways. I think that it was dangerous in that it was wild and unpredictable. These are not necessarily bad traits. The wild and unpredictable keeps us on our toes and makes us have to take stock of how fragile life actually is. Life is rarely ordered. The universe actually has a chaotic component to it that we cannot control and should not even try to control. The concept of order is only there to give us a false sense of security.

I wonder at times, and especially since going through a divorce in the last couple of years, if marital relationships are actually meant to be? I know I am stepping way outside the box in writing that. But really, marriage is something that dictates how things are supposed to look so that it is acceptable to the rest of society. People often confuse how marriage looks with, yet again, a false sense of security. When we end a marriage, the rest of society, or at least the right wing conservatives in it, responds in fear instead of from understanding or compassion. People immediately want to take sides in an issue that has nothing at all to do with them. When we allow ourselves to flow and to release each other in harmony, all those antics that outsiders go through mean nothing to us. We simply make arrangements and keep things as peaceful as possible.

I personally like the idea of Shiva and Shakti. They are completely in love with each other and allow themselves to express that love. They are the perfect image of what Tantra is all about. The sharing of love from the heart allows the expression of love on all levels. There is no shame involved in sexuality or sensuality and the honoring of each other as a God or Goddess flows freely. One is able to bring pleasure to the other and vise verse and the energy ripples and grows, just like in the picture.

My invitation for all who are in relationships with lovers or spouses is this...allow the love to flow. Allow the love to flow even in the midst of being frustrated or angry. Allow the love to flow and to wash away all fear that you may hold in your heart. Allow the love to flow and build bridges of loving energy between you and your mate. Know that when it comes right down to it, this person is, at least for the moment, your manifestation of God or Goddess in your life, in your heart and in your arms. With that awareness, as long as love shall last, you will be One.

Blessed Be
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Katie May (or may not) said...

Good entry. A helpful reminder to extend love rather than withholding it when hurt and angry.