Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little Extra Padding....Please

As most of you know I am not one to wear socks. I hate socks. They bug my feet tremendously. In fact, most of me is a nudist. In winter, that part of me suffers....well, except for the part that hates socks. I usually don't even wear them in winter unless for some reason I have to be "dressed up". So I find that the extra padding in my winter coat is delightful because it keeps me cozy warm. But it got me to thinking...

How often in life we need a little extra padding! It is nice to have a soft place to land when you are leaping into the unknown. It is also nice to have someone there to catch you if you fall. And it is certainly nice to have a nest egg tucked away in case there are financial hardships. The latter one I am working on. The first one is where my trust in the Universal process is having to kick in. The second one....I hope....

So many people, though, don't have that extra padding in their lives. There is no one and nothing that they have been able to count on. They struggle through life and hopefully make something better for themselves as they go. But, just like folks in a hospital, some fall through the cracks. Do we judge them? I don't think so. Do we enable them? Certainly not. Do we have compassion for them? Absolutely.

Without compassion we are unable to fully experience what this whole trip through humanity is all about. Having compassion does not mean that we need to sacrifice our own well being to be of some assistance to those in need. It simply means that we can be mindful of where and when we can actually help. That way both benefit. The person you are helping receives the assistance he or she needs and you benefit from being able to spread the good energies around and pay it forward.

Think about yourself. Where is your extra padding in life? Have you shown appreciation for that? Do you have any extra padding? If not, work on getting it. Being there for others helps you to be assisted by others when you need that as well. Put yourself out there. Allow the goodness of giving of yourself and your time be a practice that enriches your life.

Blessed Be
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