Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leap of Faith

Now and then we need to take one. Most recently I took a leap of faith in that I was able to release myself from a couple of positions and programs that were no longer serving my needs. That meant that others then had to step up, yes, but they could then go at it whole heartedly, whereas I was no longer feeling whole hearted about it. It is amazing how easy it is to let go of something when you no longer feel valued or respected.

I also do that with relationships. If I am no longer valued or respected, and if it is no longer a partnership but a burden to me...out it goes! The thing is that most people fear that sort of thing because it forces them to take a leap that is completely into the wild blue yonder! For me, I like the yonder. Perhaps it is because I am an air elemental by nature, or perhaps it is because I like the color blue, but the wide open space appeals to me. I am able to see the potential in what is out there, as opposed to fear it because it is big and scary. It may mean that I have to free fall for a part of it, but at least I am FREE!

I encourage everyone to take the leap into.....whatever.....and see what happens! Unburden yourself and allow your spirit to soar!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I took a leap of faith today and signed up for a one-day workshop in Vancouver on Dec 5th. It's called Dreamhealer Intention Heals Event. Adam McLeod, who is the Dreamhealer, is putting on this event, the last one this year.
I opened my email yesterday and there, for at least the third time in as many months, was information about this upcoming workshop and that there were still seats available for it. Someone is making sure I get the message to attend before I miss the opportunity altogether!
I have my flights booked, my registration submitted and paid for and now it's all a matter of waiting for the day to arrive when I step on the plane.
I have no idea what will happen down the road, but my leap of faith has me sailing into the blue yonder knowing there's a big pair of hands below me somewhere that'll catch me before I go splat.

Vanitha said...

I once had an author sign her book and what she wrote with her signature has become one of my favourite quotes: "Leap and the net shall appear!"
Well, over the years I've tested that statement a LOT! Lo and behold, the net has always shown up, I just had to leap FIRST!