Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun and Festivities

It has been so long since I have had hair that I was not sure this was actually me! But it was. This is me in my costume for the Halloween Drum Circle held on October 30th. I was in the persona of Trentulla! Can you see all the spider webs and spiders all over me? Look closely. There is a spider pendant, a spider on my arm, 2 hanging from my ears and so on. The best part of it was that for the drumming rounds I was able to, for the first time since I was, like, 18 or so, incorporate Hairology. You know what that is don't you? Flicking your hair around to the rhythm and making yourself look like a rock star! The only issue I had with it all was that I kept getting the darn stuff in my mouth! I hate hair in my mouth, acrylic or natural. Ick!

There were 26 people that showed up for the circle which made the event amazing. There was even a Belly Dancer who danced around the flaming cauldron. Very dramatic and beautiful and so completely spiritually connected was this event that people are still emailing and phoning me with gratitude for hosting this. Of course, I would not have been able to do this if it were not for the assistance of my co-host, my Love of my lives. So all the gratitude is also extended and transferred to her as well.

I already have the next event for Halloween in my day planner for next year. This is one I never like to miss.

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

What a BLAST this event turned out to be. Thanks to all who made it such a fun-filled Halloween Howl!
I sure enjoyed going as a "Cereal Killer" with ravaged boxes of cereals scattered around me, but none were the small individual boxes - I don't target children!