Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Freak Your Freak!

This is Lady, an absolutely beautiful albino corn snake who is the crawler friend of a good friend of mine. A lot of people fear snakes. It seems to be hard wired into the human brain. I find that sad. I used to be afraid of them, as I have mentioned in previous blogs. But now I enjoy them. After all, they eat mice, of which I am even more afraid.

Lady came to visit the other day. He, yes it is a he, was quite the guest! He made himself at home, made new friends and brought a huge smile to my face when I first saw him. He liked my other friend more, though. Oh well. Some folks just have snake pheromones. But I was the one who made little hiding spots for him on my coffee table. So he tolerated me. I loved the opalescent sheen on his skin. And I really dug how he would wind into himself as his owner picked him up.

Snake medicine is fabulous. The ability to shed the old, to know the deepest mysteries of Mother Gaia, the ability to move with stealth and silence. They are incredible creatures of the earth and people need to understand more about them instead of allowing their fears to over ride their reason. I look forward to seeing Lady again.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

What a handsome corn snake Lady is. Thanks for posting a picture of him.
I learned last year at the pet store that corn snakes are quite docile and that it takes a lot for them to strike; they prefer to leave the scene to get away from whatever is bothering them.
For awhile, I got into the habit of making weekly trips to this one pet store in town, with the sole purpose of handling the small corn snakes. I always enjoyed the feel of their cool, dry skin and the strength of their muscular bodies as they slid easily through my hands and over my arms. And their markings are so geometrically beautiful. That being said, though, I maintain a healthy respect for these creatures that still borders on fear - if the snake in my hands started to move too fast I got scared and wanted to put it away from me.
Old habits and thought patterns do die hard, it's true.