Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organ Donations

Okay, so the photo is my sick sense of humor coming out. I figured it would be better than a photo of an ooey, gooey heart or kidney or something. But seriously, there is something that is relatively unknown in our culture regarding organ transplants. What is unknown is that each organ holds soul energy from the person from whom they originate. Soul energies are held in several parts of each individual. The Egyptians categorized these parts as: Ren (your name), Your Energy, Akh (your Ghost), Kah (Life Force) Bah (Your Soul) Shiut (Your Shadow Self) and Seku (Your Physical Remains). If you like, you can look up the Egyptian Book of the Dead and read more about that.

What I wanted to touch on, however, is the Seku, the physical remains, as they pertain to organ transplants. It is important to understand that each organ in the human body actually holds within it soul consciousness. So if a transplant is to occur, it is important to either introduce the soul energy of the donor to that of the recipient and make sure that all is compatible on that front, or to help the soul energy of the donor to leave the organ and go into the Light and then transfer the soul energy of the recipient's organ to that of the donor. It is not just a matter of physical tissue being involved. There are important spiritual aspects to the entire procedure. Unfortunately, you will not find many medical practitioners who are willing to address the importance of this. That is why it is up to us to ensure that the introduction or soul exchange happens.

I have noticed that when that is not addressed the risk of rejection goes up much higher than it needs to. And then if the body accepts the organ, but the spiritual aspect has not been addressed, the recipient experiences things that medical practitioners will only refer to psychiatrists, who don't usually have a clue when it comes to spiritual things. Having a loved one who has received an organ transplant and has had experiences since said transplant until we were able to address the spiritual side of things, I know how important it is to cover all bases. So my invitation to you is that if you or anyone you know is to receive an organ transplant, please make sure that the spiritual aspect is addressed. And no, you don't necessarily have to refer them to myself. Any well trained shaman will be able to help with this aspect of life.

Blessed Be
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Katie May (or may not) said...

This makes perfect sense, particularly since I read an account of a woman who received a heart from an 18-year-old man who died in a motorcycle accident. She began to take an interest in motorbikes and fried green peppers, one of his favourite treats, and beer!