Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Earth Renewal Moon

On December 22nd we entered into the Earth Renewal Moon phase. This time, which extends to Jan 19th, is a time for us to get our second wind for the year that is coming up. We are able to now look back on the traditions and rituals that feed our souls and we are also able to let go of those that do not. There is a subtle stirring within the earth at this time and the seeds of life are beginning to get restless for the spring, but much preparation is still needed.

The power animal for this moon is the Snow Goose. The Snow Goose helps us to remember the patterns of life and the cycles of life. It helps us to know when we are to get up and move to a new destination or take on a new project. It also helps us to instinctively know how to communicate with stones and crystals and how to follow the energy of the earth, even when those energy lines are shifting!

The Birch Tree is the medicine plant for this time of year. The leaves of the birch tree make an excellent tea that calms and rejuvenates. The Clear Quartz Crystal is the mineral totem for this time. It helps us to remember the traditions of old and the meanings behind them. It also helps us to see things clearly and to channel healing energies to ourselves and to those around us.

This year I have committed to sharing some of the information that I have gleaned over the years once a month in honor of the moons around the wheel of the year. I hope that you will find the information useful and that those born within the time of each moon phase will get to know their personal medicines more intimately. You can also find some further information on this in Sun Bear's book, Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology. It is a fascinating read. You will find that there is some information that I share that is not from this book, and that is because I don't believe in only relying upon a book for information. I gather information daily and learn through experience, as I hope you will also do.

This New Year promises to bring excellent things as we get closer to the cycle that culminates in the changes for 2012! These changes are not catastrophic in any way. Let Hollywood own that idiotic fear mongering. The changes are awesome and powerful, yes, but also healthy and positive. Enjoy them. Happy New Year!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Frabulous post, Trent, and I look forward to reading the monthly installments of medicine wheel knowledge and wisdom.

Now I know what the Big Dipper is for: It's to grab hold of and scoop the knowledge we need, as we need it, from the inner and outer places of wisdom, where it dwells without end. I can see you with it in your hand, gathering what you need from all directions. There's a hole in the bottom of the dipper too, so that the gathered knowledge and wisdom can drip slowly onto and seep fully into the minds and hearts of the seekers taking their first tentative steps into this realm. One day, they too will grasp the Big Dipper with a firm hand and reap the knowledge and wisdom from all directions.

I can look back and see how far I've come on my journey, and I know I'm still at the beginning of it, because the more I learn, the more I see there is to learn. When I was ready to take my first steps those few short years ago, the Universe made sure I had a Teacher - you.

I am thankful, Trent the Shaman, for your strength, knowledge, wisdom, gentleness, guidance and humour as I, your student, make my own healthy and positive transitions. Your presence in this world is a blessing and a brilliant light in the darkness.