Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Small You Be!

I find it amazing how mystical and wise a cat can look. That is opposed to when they look like a wild demon! This is our kitty. She is, this year, 14 years old and is one of the most gentle felines I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There are times that she can look wise beyond her species and age, and times when she looks so silly she just cracks us up. We try not to laugh out loud though as she gets very offended.

Cats, at least house cats as I have heard, have been traced back to ancient Egypt. For some reason, they don't seem to be in any references before that. Scholars and scientists are still trying to figure out why that would be. Personally, I think that they dropped down from the stars and chose to allow us the privilege of worshipping them. After all, that is what the ancient Egyptians apparently did. I am actually more of a dog person. I love the personalities of dogs and the fact that they are a loyal friend and companion always. But I also dig cats because of their "I don't give a rat's ass about..." attitude towards life in general. They are their own boss and we are their staff.

Cats tend to adore me. Here is why...I am more aloof than they are! Have you ever noticed how a person who is allergic to cats is the first one the cats will rub up against and jump up on? It is because that person is not wanting to get near the cat. If it is a dog, I am all over the thing with pets and tussles etc. I keep my distance from cats. Suddenly the cat is all over me! It is like I slathered catnip all over me after showering and the darn thing can't get enough of me. Maybe I have cat pheromones! As much as I find this funny, I also am used to being with dogs, so I do actually make sure that the cats know that they don't own me and I will never worship them. I have to maintain my dignity after all. Suddenly, upon receiving that message, the cats are all over me again!

Come to think of it, that seems to be the same pattern that occurred in my teen years with the girls with whom I went to school! Hmmm.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Perhaps, behind your aloof exterior, the cats recognize a kindred spirit, because you fell to earth from the same place in the stars as they did...