Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The City of Bridges

I wish that I could get a photo of all the bridges in our city, lined up down the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. But because of the bends in our river, that would be impossible unless you were taking an aerial photo. So this one, of two of the bridges, will have to do. This is taken from the deck of the Shearwater Riverboat Tour boat. My friend, Tamara, is the captain of this boat. One of my favorite summertime things to do is to go on a tour with her at the helm. She is a blast to talk with and shares all sorts of stories of riverboat adventures.

Saskatoon also has a few "Bermuda Triangles". Those who are sensitive, like Tamara, myself and my eldest daughter, can feel it physically. The GPS guidance system then will suddenly go all wack and tell the captain that she is driving her boat down Broadway Ave instead of down the river! Fun!

That metal bridge in the distance, the "Traffic Bridge" or the "Victoria Bridge" as it is called, will soon no longer be there. It has been declared as unstable and somewhat dangerous and is, therefore, blocked off to all traffic. It's a shame though because it is one of the more attractive bridges and was the first as well, linking up Nutana with Saskatoon proper. I believe that they will be replacing it with a new one down the road, but I am sure that it won't have the same character.

The Victoria Bridge is narrow. It was built for buggies. So when vehicular traffic started using it, things were a little tight. There was also a board walkway for pedestrians and cyclists along the side of it. My favorite thing to do was to scare the begeebers out of my sister by travelling fast in the car across the bridge with oncoming traffic. Now, you have to understand that this sister enjoyed the art of complete composure and intimidation of others. So to see her white knuckle it as I sped across the bridge with other vehicles whizzing past, just barely missing the side mirror, was soooo much fun! One has to love those moments of torturing one's older siblings.

Blessed Be

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