Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harvest Moon

Okay, so I think this might actually be a Grizzly Bear, but it is brown and a bear, so for now I am just calling it Brown Bear for the sake of discussion. Now that everyone can join in on my little delusional reality, here we go.

We have just entered what, according to the Medicine Wheel, is the Harvest Moon. This is the moon whose energy medicine is that of "reaping what we sow". The power animal that adopts those born during this moon (August 23 - September 22) is the Brown Bear. "Ahhh," you say, "that is what he is jabbering about in regards to the photo!" and you would be correct. The Brown Bear brings to those it has adopted the medicine of Strength, Introspection and Transformation. It is considered by some to be the Leader of the Medicine Wheel. Brown Bear people, when in balance, are very reflective sorts who take into consideration what is best for everyone instead of bending to pressure from individual agendas. They are protective of those who are weak or less fortunate and tend to be caring individuals with big hearts. They like their sleep and benefit from it tremendously, like the bear does when hibernating. Dreams can be very insightful for Brown Bear people. What frustrates most other people is that a Brown Bear person cannot be rushed into anything. So you might as well set the car keys down on the table, pour yourself a large cup of coffee and just wait till they are ready to head out the door. If you don't you will simply find yourself in a perpetual state of frustration, which is a gross waste of energy.

The Totem Mineral for Brown Bear people is the Amethyst. This member of the Quartz family helps to access the Third Eye chakra (the inner cave) and create intense insights. It also helps to balance the dream time for those who have difficulty accessing it. The Plant Totem for Brown Bear people is the Violet, the petals of which hold properties that, when made into a light tea, balances the endocrine system. Brown Bear People also belong to the Turtle Clan, which is the Earth Element. Thus they are slow to change, but do things extremely thoroughly when they undertake a project.

Blessed Be
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