Monday, August 1, 2011

Dragonfly Medicine

Has anyone noticed the abundance of Dragonflies around lately? There is a very good reason for it....they eat the mosquitoes that have also just previously been abundant. The mosquitoes are, for those who are unfamiliar with the little critter, the insect form of the pterodactyl. They swoop in like a swarm of hungry dinosaurs and pick you up to take you back to the hive where they feed you to their young. Shhhh! I hear them now! Don't let them find you! I have noticed that the mosquitoes are getting immune to the repellent that I have been wearing. So I had to upgrade to the heavy duty stuff that could possibly be my own demise at a later date. But at least for today I can be left alone by the little bast.....'s.

The other day, however, I had a very brief freak out. I was trying to unlock the garage door, which takes a little fernangling, and was being swarmed by those pterodactyls when suddenly I was crawling from head to toe with a strange sensation. I looked down and realized that I had been bait! The dragonflies were all over me, eating the mosquitoes! I just stood there and let them do their job. I loved seeing the process. The feeling of the dragonflies on my bare arms, legs and head was, admittedly, weird. But once the mind got over the "Oh, my God! What the happening to me?" thing, it relaxed and allowed me to remain part of the circle of life. I must admit that being bait was not my idea of a good time....until now. This form of bait is okay, provided that the mosquitoes don't carry any life-threatening disease.

Dragonflies are the insect form of dragons. Is it any wonder they eat the insect form of pterodactyls? They also teach us about the aspect of illusions in our lives, whether those illusions be from out there somewhere or from within ourselves. A very handy medicine to have around.

Blessed Be

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Kate said...

I've been walking along our gravel road every day, accompanied by a retinue of dragonflies busy keeping the mosquitoes off me. I feel like a queen!