Sunday, August 28, 2011

Men are from Mars

I absolutely LOVE this photo, by my friend, Gail Fulkerson. It brings to mind a few things. The first is that there is that expression, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." I find a lot of times that the message in this expression is very true. Although equal, men and women simply are different. Not just biologically different, but psychologically different as well. It all stems back to how we were hard wired in primordia in order to survive. Now in our "refined" ways, that hard wiring still exists. We communicate so completely differently at times and wonder what the heck went wrong when the other freaks out on us. Let's face happens. And much of it is because of the way we were hard wired millenia ago.

The other thing that this photo evokes is the awareness that if we constantly wear a frown we are always going to end up being parched, dried out.......lifeless. Our emotions belong to the water element. When we flow with our emotions we allow the water to saturate our beings and replenish our souls. We become vibrant and radiant. We become the epitome of the lush, rich soil of Gaia.

The third thing that this photo inspires is the awareness that we all need the light and the shadow aspects of our lives in order to become whole. Without the shadow part (that which most folks are afraid of and fight against) we would not be able to fully appreciate the Light part. Without the Light, we would also become oblivious to the shadow. Each is needed in balance with one another in order to allow ourselves to fully become the beautiful portrait of our lives that we were each meant to be.

The more we relax into life, the more we enjoy the richness of all the experiences it has to offer.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I'm so very pleased that the image was able to evoke the various memories, emotions, and awarenesses you so easily shared here in your blog post. When I created it, all I saw was the parched earth that reminded me of childhood visits to my grandparents in southern Ontario. I would wander the fields behind their house, enthralled by the deeply cracked ground, wondering whether my next step would land me in one of the wider cracks into which I would fall, never be found. If that didn't make me stop and turn back, the sight of a spider web waving in the breeze in one of the cracks always did the trick!