Monday, August 1, 2011

Ripe Berries Moon

July 23rd to August 22nd is, according to the Medicine Wheel, the Ripe Berries Moon. People born during this time period get adopted by the spirit of the Sturgeon. That little critter in the photo is a Sturgeon. Now, this is a fairly small Sturgeon. They can get much bigger. The Sturgeon is the power animal that is the "King of Fishes". It brings to those it has adopted the ability to be a natural born leader and to be able to go into very "deep waters" in life and be perfectly fine. Sturgeon people don't often like the mundane chit chat that most folks see as "polite". They prefer to get into the deep soul talk quickly and not waste any time with chit chat. They can get to the point and are able to define what is a priority in any project quickly and easily.

They also belong to the Thunder Bird Clan, which means that they are fire elemental people. Spontaneous and combustible are their middle names. Striving for spiritual connection and expression is their life-long goal. Sturgeon people have, however, the ability to work with fire, water and air, for the Sturgeon will jump from the water, see all of what is out there on the surface, and dive back into the depths. The mere balance of fire with water is amazing, but putting it with the ability to also encompass the air element is astounding.

The medicine plant for the Sturgeon person is the Raspberry. It's leaves are, when made into tea, strengthening and purifying for the reproductive system for both genders. Is it any wonder so many pregnant women will drink Raspberry Leaf Tea to strengthen their uteruses? The mineral totems for the Sturgeon are Garnet and Iron, both of which help to keep the Sturgeon person grounded while doing their deep soul work.

Blessed Be

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