Monday, December 26, 2011


So since some have checked out my last blog entry, I have had a number of responses.  A glaring 98% have been in total agreement that the Y generation has a vast number of useless members in it.  Do remember that I never said that all of them are useless.  Of that 98%, only 14% agreed that we should perhaps sterilize them to prevent them from passing their crappy attitude on to future generations (And here is my off the wall sense of humor raising its head again as I say, "Shucks.").  2% of the emails that I received were expressions of disappointment in MY attitude toward young people.  Hmmm.

I think that perhaps the humor of the entry was lost on the 2%.  Some people just don't get humor that is direct and cutting, or that comes across as harsh to make a point.  That is what most of the entry was intended to be.  Oh well.  Can't please them all.  And by the way, this is my blog, so I can say whatever I please in it whether anyone agrees or not.  I am simply sharing my never to be so humble opinion.  Sometimes it comes across gently, and sometimes not.  I am, after all, human.  I also have the right to rant now and then.  This was a rant brought on from extreme frustration and the stupidity I have found in people of late.  Their work ethic sucks and their attitude sucks worse.  So I say it as I see it.

Having said that, I would also be remiss if I did not take into account the words of the 2% as well.  So I will try to curb my harshness in the future and stick to humor that is, shall we say, more "palatable."  And I may also, being human, slip on that one now and then.  So cut me as much slack as you would expect me to cut some idiot behind a till.  Thanks.  :-)

Blessed Be

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