Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look up! Way up!

This is a photo that has been sitting in my Love's digital camera for months, just waiting for us to get enough time to download it onto the computer. It kind of looks like the beginnings of a nuclear explosion. At sunrise one morning my Love exclaimed, "Wow! Look at what the sun is doing!" I just had to grab a snapshot of it.

Usually when we see things like this and don't get a photo people will write it off as another lunatic saying that he's seen something that no one else in the world has seen and he really needs to be locked up. Well, nana boo boo! I have a picture for you! Next thing is, "Ya, well, digital photos can be doctored!" I say to this, "Prove to me that, without any influence on my part because I wouldn't know how to doctor something if my life depended on it, my camera did something to create this effect!" You want proof, well, be prepared to show me the anti proof as well if you are going to be so skeptical!

Now, I don't know what exactly it is in the atmosphere that creates an effect like this one. The sun shooting straight up in the sky is, however, breath taking. And my Love and I both felt that it was a message to continue to reach higher and keep our visions of what we desire at a very high vibration. The sky is not the limit! Shoot for the stars!

Ah, yes, we will miss that fabulous view that we had from 20 stories up. But now we have a beautiful house with a yard that is manageable and space to live without having to step over stuff and walk around stuff and climb through stuff. We performed a Harry Potter act in that we were able to fill a house with the things that once fit (sort of) into a one bedroom apartment. We truly are magical!

Blessed Be

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Kate said...

Beautiful photo! I can hear angels singing when I look at it.