Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I received an email the other day that said, "Do you know who this person is?". As I scrolled down I found a photo of a beautiful man who was progressively wearing less and less clothing with each frame. At the end of the photos, the statement was...."Who cares?"

Funny, yes. But I couldn't help but wonder if this would have been considered so funny if the image was of a woman? Double standards abound! In Shamanism we are taught that to objectify someone...anyone...this way is to insult them and to diminish them. So I do my best to not do that. I don't know who my brother was that posed for the photos, and that doesn't matter. His motivations are his business. I don't need to participate in the objectification. I would hate to think that something like that would be circulated about my son or daughter, my niece or nephew, my brother or sister. Yet our society behaves in ways that ensure that this sort of thing will continue to go on.


Blessed Be

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