Wednesday, October 21, 2009

St. Tropez Event

The other night a dear friend invited my Love and I to her birthday party that was taking place at the St. Tropez Bistro in Saskatoon. First off, if there is anyone out there who has never tried out this wonderful establishment, it is my recommendation that you do. If you have not been there in a while, go again. The food is exquisite and the service is excellent.

Sometime in the last year it was revealed to me by my Love that she knows Andrea Menard. Well, as it turns out, my other friend also knows her and so guess who I am sitting beside at this event! I have wanted to meet this local talent for a very long time, and, as she also mentioned, it has been crazy that we have taken so long to meet considering that we have many similar social circles. Well, we finally met at exactly the right time. She is fabulous! Thank you Andrea for making this event even more special!

I find it interesting how we so often will meet someone and realize that we could have met them years ago with the many six degrees of separation that there have been, yet it takes until now to meet them. I truly think that there is a Divine plan in when we encounter folks in our lives. For all intents and purposes, we could meet anyone at any time, but we don't. We meet them when we are meant to meet them. Where it goes from there is completely up to us. I look forward to possible friendship stemming from my recent encounter. But there have also been some people that I have met that the friendship thing just doesn't take. There is reason for that as well. Paths take people off in different directions all the time. And sometimes there are undercurrents of reasons in energy form that prevent us from connecting further. Then there are times that undercurrents of energies propel us to connect further and deepen some relationship. The Universe has many plans for us. Sometimes it is just a matter of recognizing when we need to respond. That, indeed, is the trick.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

When you wrote of energy undercurrents that can sometimes drive two people to either form deep lasting bonds or to merely 'glance off one another' on their way to somewhere else, the image that came to me was that of moths to flame (more like porch lights these days).
Some moths will die rather than give up trying to get closer to the flame, while others will bounce off the light bulb once or twice, decide it's not worth it, and head off somewhere else.

Gail said...

My curiosity got the better of me - and that's a good thing in this case!!
I googled Andrea Menard after I read your blog. I'm downloading her Velvet Devil album from iTunes right now, and will download her Sparkle album afterwards.

Vanitha said...

Gail, just wait till you hear "Peace". She performed it at the Broadway Theatre during the Musicians for Peace Benefit. I got chills (or "holy showers") during it and was in tears by the end of the song - it is just that beautiful! Very much the Goddess Andrea herself.

Vanitha said...
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