Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Witches!

Halloween is my favorite time of year! I have mentioned this before. But this time I wanted to say a little more about it. You see, I come from a line of mystics. Some of them have been shamans. Some of them have been healers. Some of them have been witches. Not just on one side of the family, but on both. So this gave me a little boost into the mystical realm of consciousness. I have had the best of teachers through family members as well as friends of family and, you guessed it, the dearly departed. Mwahahaha!

One of my gifts is that the dead communicate with me. It is much easier when it is connected through bloodlines, but often those who are not related by blood also connect. In any case, I have had opportunity to get "training" from some of my ancestors whom I have not had opportunity to meet in this life because they crossed over before I came into being here in this realm. Sometimes I have not known that they were related until I spoke of them with my mother or grandmother and they pointed out that the person I was referring to was my great such and such. Cool.

So on one side of the family I have Celtic witches and shamans and on the other side I have Gypsy witches and shamans. Some have been healers and most have been have been helpers of mankind through the practice of the Craft. I like to embrace it all. There is no reason why someone has to limit themselves to just one thing or just one way. We can be eclectic in our practices. That is what life is all about, after all, the spice and flavours that are blended into magnificent creations.

So this Halloween, I invite you all to take a moment and connect to the spirits of your family lines. You never know who you might find along the way and what wisdoms and gifts they may open up for you. Have a sense of adventure and also have some common sense. Don't just let yourself be open to whomever comes along. That leaves too much room for trickster spirits to play with you. Be more specific and then let the good times roll! Also do not do this through the Ouiji Board.  That thing is nutso! Oh, and remember to howl at the moon. It does the soul great good!

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

My Deer Shaman, you really are a "Magic Man" by heritage, no less!
I take it thar "nutso" is another one of those official magical terms?
Happy "howling" Halloween!

Gail said...

This link takes you to a youtube video of Maya Angelou, presenting a poem she wrote, "And Still I Rise". I think it fits quite nicely with your post today, Trent. She knows her power like you know yours, and like you, is proud of her heritage.
Both of you inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope you are well. I love Halloween, too, naturally. I am just beginning to explore more about my family roots. So far, I've discovered one great-grandpa was a dowser but I don't think anyone took him seriously. That's all I have so far but hopefully I'll uncover more soon.

And yes, Ouija boards are nutso!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Ahhh, Riverwolf! So nice to hear from you again! Keep searching, you will find that there are many gifts you possess that have come down the line to you, some of which no one else in the family will be aware of because it goes so far back.