Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Ducks Fly Moon

According to Medicine Wheel teachings, we are currently in the Ducks Fly Moon as we travel around the Wheel of the Year. This photo, taken by my friend, Gail Fulkerson, depicts what the Ducks Fly Moon is about. Whether it is geese or ducks, at this time of year they begin to head south to warmer locals. Their formations are designed for better wind resistance and, as a result, faster flight. They fly in a format that is understood by the group consciousness.

This is also the medicine brought to those who are born during the Ducks Fly moon. But whether or not we are born into it, we all can access this medicine if we wish. This medicine is about understanding when it is time to move on with something. That could be a situation, a location or a relationship. When it is time to get up and move, we can instinctively know the perfect timing and implement it.

This medicine is also about tuning in to the group consciousness. Knowing what the "vibe" of the room is when you enter it is part of the medicine of the Ducks Fly Moon. The element of Air is strong with this moon, and the vibe of the room will travel through the air so that we know what it is into which we are walking. As a result of that intuitive knowledge, we are able to take on perfect form(ation) and respond as is needed with any situation. We are also able to do it with dignity and grace.

One of my daughters was born during the Ducks Fly Moon, and she is one that has always, from the time she was very young, had an inner elegance and grace about her. Well mannered and well spoken, her communication leaves one feeling relaxed and easy and able to address pretty much anything. When a person born in the Ducks Fly Moon is out of balance, they can become mentally obsessive and need lots of accolades in order to feel worthy. This reminds me of a friend of mine who recently passed away. Ducks Fly Moon people can be very sensitive and, thus, very fragile. No matter how strong or hugely popular they become, there is a part of them who always will need to be held and soothed.

My invitation to everyone is to attempt to tap into that group consciousness. This is different than tapping into mob mentality. It is more about paying attention to your intuitive understandings of people around you as well as of yourself. Take the time to meditate on this and you will find that your insights will increase exponentially.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I've noticed that the group consciousness is supported by continual conversations during their annual flights. On many mornings in the past month I have been awakened by their vociferous encouragements of each other as they scribble their way across the sky over the town where I live, a place that happens to lie along their ancient flight path. Snow geese and Canadas come to rest in the fields, drawn (by an inner knowing?) to the recently harvested ones where the farmer has been especially generous in the gleanings that remain (an offering perhaps?).
I've also noticed that some of the geese will rise from the greater resting flock and take 'test flights' - maybe they're the younger ones, led by an elder or two who pass on the intricacies and secrets of the migration in this way.
And the geese never break contact with one another. Night and day they are talking to each other and to the group as a whole. I can hear them in the field behind the house as I write this. They're getting ready to press on and the details of the flight are being communicated before they rise as one, a moving cloud of white that will transform itself into the familiar V pattern in the skies above us.
I think geese are amazing shape-shifters during the migration.

Gail said...

I've been watching the geese gathering in the field behind our place. I notice they spiral counter-clockwise as they descend from the sky to the ground. An individual goose will tilt their outstretched wings right and then left to drop altitude quickly, executing this manoeuvre within the flock as the group descends. I haven't seen any midair collisions but that's not saying they don't occur. They seem to know instinctually where their own and each other's boundaries begin and end and are able to factor in that information whether they're in flight, about to fly, or about to land.
So many beings in flight at one moment in the same air space, able to guide themselves, individually and as a group, and not an air traffic controller in sight.

Trent Deerhorn said...

If only we humans could fly our planes with the same precision...then we would basically eliminate the need for the air traffic controller. Wait a minute...then we would have a bunch of unemployed ATC's and would have to find other jobs for them! The ramifications are overwhelming!