Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple Shirt Day

This is Wednesday, October 20th, and it is Purple Shirt Day. I am wearing my purple shirt in support of young boys and men who have been harassed because they were either gay or just accused of being gay because they were different. Red neck bullying has cost the lives of way too many boys and men in our culture. Most often the bullying is so severe that the victims end up taking their own lives to put an end to it all. I think that this is as tragic as it is prolific.  One really should consider homicide before suicide.

It absolutely disgusts me that in this day and age anyone can be harassed just because they are not what others consider to be the norm. After all, Norm is not that great a guy! No offence to those who have that name. It is just that Norm narrows the possibilities that abound in our world. With Norm continually in our faces, we aren't allowed to sing or dance or be creative. Without creative thought we would still be in the dark ages.

I have both relatives and friends who are gay or lesbian. That has never been an issue for me when relating to them. They are people. They have hearts (most often bigger than the ones inside the red neck relatives...I don't have red neck friends because those I can choose), they bleed red blood and they all have souls. Also, they are all loved both by me and by God. So those who think that being gay or lesbian is not of God can just chuck the hell off!

I decided that to wear my purple shirt I would have to also honour my Gypsy roots and put it with a tie on belt. I have always loved that Gypsy flare. If that sounds gay, I just don't care.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

You are a Warrior and a Light for us all.