Friday, September 9, 2011

Don't be Alarmed!

You can't see it, but it's there. It has a way of hiding away just long enough to catch you by surprise. Just when you think that it is safe to completely relax, it rears its ugly head and screams at you. It is....the much feared and hated....ALARM CLOCK! It is on the bedside table, just behind the pillows, on the left side.

I am one who likes to wake up naturally. I am also one who normally will wake up no later than 7:30, so morning rituals are easy for me. But when, at 6:15, the alarm clock comes on with the radio talk/music, I find that the first reaction to morning is something along the lines of scrambling to shut the darn thing off as quickly as possible while muttering profanities and immediately trying to get back to sleep for a few more precious minutes. My Love and I switch sides of the bed every week (a healthy thing to do), so when I am on the right side of the bed and the alarm sounds and she is not waking up within a half second to turn it off, I find myself scrambling over top of her to hit the off switch. Of course, scrambling over top of her can have its benefits, but that is not the purpose of the scramble in the first place.

So why, when I dislike alarm clocks so much, is one even set? Did I mention my Love? She has to be at dialysis by just after 7 in the morning 3 days a week, and at work by 8 in the morning 2 days a week. I don't need to be to work till 10 (a delicious plot set out by myself with complete awareness of the benefits of being self-employed!) Needless to say, I LOVE weekend mornings when the alarm does not have to be on at all. Mind you, those are the mornings when, sometimes, some idiot will call you up at 6:30 having dialed the wrong number in a still drunken state from the night before. Well, at least that doesn't happen all that often, but it has happened now and then. Oh, to have the power to zap those idgits through the telephone receiver!

I am looking forward to tomorrow (Saturday) when I can sleep peacefully till 7:30. That, for me, is SLEEPING IN! Can you believe it?!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Little gnomes, trolls and leprechauns in an overlapping dimension are at this moment conspiring to set an alarm clock to go off at 6:15 am tomorrow morning to awaken you, the slumbering giant, because they just LOVE the sound of your voice as you mutter and spew the many expletives you come up with on the spot whenever that despicable piece of electronic torture awakens you before you're ready to get up. Oh, and watching you scramble is positively hilarious as well!