Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunflower Season

It is indeed Sunflower Season. This is the time when the sunflowers are all in bloom and tracking the sun across the sky. This photo is of a rather short one that I grew last year. This year, the giants are around 16 feet high. The enormous heads on them are so large that they threaten to bend the entire stem over. I have them anchored to my fence, hoping that as the tree sized flowers lean they won't take my fence with them!

Sunflower medicine is that of the Divine Masculine. It watches over us with bright anticipation and shines beams of yellow toward anyone who gazes upon them. The spirals of the centre of the blossom guide the bees and wasps in towards the nectar of the plant, just as the stripes on the floor of a casino guide the attendees towards the blackjack table!

Although I love the sunflowers, I must admit that I do not love the wasps. They are in abundance this year. Between the sunflowers and the hollyhocks, the wasps have pleanty to keep them busy. But they can also be annoying. Try eating a meal outside these days....impossible. There must be some sort of spell to rid one of these pesky kritters, but I have not yet discovered one that works. In the meantime, I am just reminding myself to not wear any brightly colored shirts, which the wasps also enjoy. YIKES!

Blessed Be
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Unknown said...

I have seen these "giant" sunflowers and I've come to the conclusion that they are monks! They haven't been following the sun so they're obviously masculine and aren't willing to ask for directions, and they are now so top heavy that they are bowing their heads, as though in prayer - MONKS!!