Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Spirit of Destruction

I often have people asking me, "What the heck is with this Spirit of Destruction?" So I thought I would write down a few words regarding this in hopes that I can promote some thought and consideration of the topic. The ancients used to paint images of the Spirit of Destruction on cave walls. These images are powerful and puzzling all at the same time. The Spirit of Destruction does not necessarily "look" the same to everyone. But its job is always for the betterment of the individual and, with a ripple effect, the people in general.

The purpose of the Spirit of Destruction is to destroy negativity. Thus it forces us to address the deepest and darkest recesses of our minds to heal our own destructive natures. We are often plagued by negative emotions and don't know what the heck to do with them. These negative emotions can completely destroy our chances at happiness, joy, contentment and fulfillment. They only serve to undermine our own sense of our true selves. The Spirit of Destruction will, by its own nature, annihilate these negative emotions within us. This thing is (and here's the THING) in order to do so it must help us to see that no emotion can operate without our own personal consent. So it forces us to look at truths about ourselves that are uncomfortable and frightening, things that we really don't want to have to look at, but if left unchecked will successfully ruin our lives. Sometimes in the process of this healing we feel like we have experienced violence of some unexplainable form. This is because the violent healing is happening and it is something that rocks us to the core. Afterward, however, we are also left with a soothing sense of peace and calm. I think of this as sort of the calm after the violent storm.

Every culture, and in fact every individual, has its own version of the Spirit of Destruction. Each is scary and downright frightening in and of itself, but each also represents that amazingly powerful force of the Divine that refuses to allow us to lollygag along and have no care in the world for what our own negativity is creating. So, essentially, it gives us an ethereal kick in the butt.

Blessed Be
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