Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ducks Fly Moon

According to the Medicine Wheel teachings, we have, as of September 23rd, entered into the Ducks Fly Moon phase. The medicine of this moon is that of knowing when it is time to pick up and exit stage left. This medicine allows us the ability to pay attention to our inner instincts and migrate to wherever the environment will be more appealing and supportive of our needs.

The Raven is the power animal who adopts all those who are born during the Ducks Fly Moon (Sept. 23-Oct.23). Raven medicine is that of understanding on very deep levels the mysteries of the Void. These mysteries hold deep and powerful magic and intuitive processes. When you encounter a Raven person you will be encountering a person who had deep intuitive insights into you and any situation. When in balance these people can become great "seers" and extremely creative in their communication skills. They make excellent diplomats, writers, and visionaries who strive for justice. When out of balance they can become self-critical and self-destructive.

The Mineral totem for the Ducks Fly Moon is the Jasper, which allows one to be grounded, come from the heart and receive visions. The Plant totem for the Ducks Fly Moon is the Mullein plant, which helps with respiratory disorders (an imbalance from which most born during this moon suffer).

Those born during this moon are included in the Butterfly Clan, which allows one to be aware of various stages of development with a variety of issues all happening at one time. The social butterfly aspect is one that belongs to the butterfly clan and the need to cocoon from aspects of harsh reality helps a butterfly clan person to adjust and adapt and emerge a whole new being.

Blessed Be

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