Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Idgits Everywhere

I don't think that the photo has anything to do with the text. However, you never know what may be inspired, so just keep referring back to it, just in case. I like to have a photo at the top of each blog entry. It gives me something nice to look at while I am typing away.

Okay, so there are some people who will do some pretty silly things. Whether it is ignoring your presence when you are standing right there in front of them and thinking that they can look right through you and you won't even notice, or whether it is dining with you and continually critiquing the meal that has been served because they know so much better how it should be prepared or have eaten something that tasted soooo much better elsewhere, or whether it is simply speaking rudely to someone that they think they have power over just because they think they can get away with it, all of this falls into a special category according to the Book of Trent. That category is the one of "Social Retard".

Yes, I said it. Retard, Retard, RETARD! The Social Retard is the one who hasn't a clue about how rude, stupid or disrespectful he or she is being while being it. Social graces? No a chance! Just go ahead and hork up that wad of phlegm at the dinner table, and spit it into the same bucket that you spat your tobacco into a minute before. Go ahead, pick your nose at the red light and then touch the steering wheel once again. Oh, and my personal techno-age favourite.....go ahead and text someone else while sitting across the dinner table from me. Just go SOCIAL RETARD!

Now, I know that Retard is not a politically correct term. But I am not talking about mentally challenged individuals here. I am talking about "normal" folks who should freakin' know better and have no excuse except for the fact that they are inept at social graces. These people aggravate me to no end. I know that I have no control over their actions, but their actions are also setting an example for generations to come. Any time I have an opportunity to correct a social retard, I will. That is my privilege seeing as how I am now in the age category where I can be referred to as an "old fart". So I won't put up with teens who think that on the street or in the mall they can "look beyond you" and not make way. Nope. I will PLOW RIGHT THROUGH THEM! Or I will stand in place and let them make their way around me. YOU WANNA PLAY CHICKEN BUDDY? WELL MY ENERGY IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS, SO GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY!

Although some who fall into the category of "Social Retard" are able to learn better and make necessary social adjustments, most are too stupid to even get a clue that they need to. So lead implants to the temporal lobe is the final solution. Not that I am suggesting anyone go to those extremes....I'm just sayin'.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Whoa, sounds like someone poked the bear once too often and now it's really pissed!