Monday, September 12, 2011

The White Tornado

It usually happens suddenly. Without any warning whatsoever, the White Tornado rips through our lives. There we are, feeling all comfortable, content and secure and suddenly it sets down and runs disaster into all of it, taking away with it all sorts of debris and rubble. This experience is akin to the Spirit of Destruction that I wrote about in my previous entry. Afterwards we are left feeling traumatized and can sometimes be in shock for a LONG time following such an event.

I think that this is what some people may be experiencing around the 9/11 event from 10 years ago. Although I don't think that I would personally attribute that event with the "Spirit of Destruction" as much as with the evil in the hearts of mankind, the after effects can be similar. I think that is why the media won't let go of it. But in dwelling upon it the media is sort of picking at scabs and not allowing them to heal, but instead making them fester and possibly become infected. That is just my opinion on the matter.

It doesn't have to be something as big as 9/11 that is experienced as the White Tornado. It can be something as simple as losing one's job, failing an exam, or the death of a pet. Nonetheless the effect is the same. We can never really compare what one person's pain is with what another person's pain is. Sometimes people bounce back from events quite well. At least initially they can go on functioning. Some, afterwards, find that they are not functioning quite as well as they thought. Those are the ones who really haven't moved on but instead buried the event inside in hopes of just being able to get on with life. It really is hard to say how any of us will respond to the White Tornado when it hits. There usually isn't time to head for the basement.

I had a dream about a tornado last year that was very vivid. Perhaps it is because of growing up in the "tornado alley" of Saskatchewan. But in the dream there was nowhere to run or hide and I told my companions to get onto the ground beneath a willow bush that was there, lay flat and hang onto the base of the bush for dear life. The willow bush laid itself down over us and protected us from being sucked up into the tornado like others had been. There are a LOT of meanings within this dream, only part of which I have shared here with you. What I found particularly interesting about this segment was my personal resourcefulness in the face of such an event. It made me realize that, whether it be in the dream world or in this world, I am an extremely resourceful individual. Perhaps that is part of my Coyote medicine. Coyotes can survive in anything from the wilderness to downtown New York City.

I think that in the face of the White Tornado, whenever and however it hits, we need to draw upon our own personal resourcefulness in order to get through it and heal in the aftermath. And we all need to realize that it is okay to not be okay and that we all need to lean on others now and then to help us get through the rough patches that life has to offer. After all, those rough patches will always be there, waiting for us. So if we can accept our vulnerability and see that as a strength that will help us to heal, the process will be 10 times easier in the long run.

Blessed Be
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