Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Night Life

I am really not that good at taking night time photos, so I apologize for the blurriness on this one, the best of what I had to offer. This is my beautiful city at night. At least, this is the way it looks from on the ground. I must admit that most often I see it from above as I am astrally flying over it to other locations. It looks different from the ground. When I am up above it I wonder why anyone like God/dess would be bothered worrying about anything down below considering how small and insignificant it appears. But care S/he does.

Sometimes people ask me what I see when I look at them. It is difficult to explain the appearance of the energy system, a series of colors and lights that appear anything from similar to Aurora Borealis to fireworks. I prefer it when the colors are more settled, like the city at night. Soft hues blend gently into one another and sparkle from pinpoints. Things get reflected back as the energy system assimilates the information around it, thus creating a response that is immediate but not everlasting.

Sometimes I want to wonder the streets at night and just see the city from the perspective of the blanket of darkness. I know that there are many locations that would not be safe to be in at night, but the urge is always there. I feel the thrum of the heartbeat of the city when it is quiet at night. The majority of folks are safe and sound in their snugly beds and the others flit from here to there, barely noticed. I like higher locations to look down from. The top of one of those towers would be great.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

When I reread this post I began to see in my mind's eye the shifting and reactive energy system you so eloquently described as "Soft hues blend gently into one another and sparkle from pinpoints." Captivating.
I could also see an energy system like the one you describe as 'fireworks', but that one is more difficult to be around, because of the sudden explosions of energy and light. I can imagine that the bright light would have an effect similar to a camera's flash going off in front of you.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reminding us that so much more happens right under our noses than we know.