Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ghost Girl

When I go on my morning walks I usually end up walking through a neighbourhood park that has this little playground in it. The other day as I was walking, I noticed this tire swing swinging all by itself, seemingly. Then as I got closer I noticed that there was a little girl on it. She looked no more than 5 or 6 years of age and perfectly happy, except for one thing....she was dead. This was an apparition of her spirit. Understand that I have been communicating with ghosts all my life. So sometimes there is this thing where they appear as solid as anyone of us living folk. She was pretty solid. She noticed me smiling at her as I walked past. Even though I communicate with ghosts, I like to leave the initial contact to them. Much like when I encounter an animal I leave the lead to them as to whether or not they are going to approach. So I walked past and got about 20 paces or so when suddenly I felt a little hand in mine. At first I thought that someone's child was in the park and mistook me for their dad. But when I looked down I saw the same little ghost girl.

"Cant you take me home?" she asked. I knew that she didn't mean my home. She meant her home. But I also knew that I could not take her to her earthly home without disrupting her home and family. But I could see her into the Light.

"Yes," I said, "I can certainly do that for you."

"Do you know my address?" she asked.

"I don't need to, sweetie," I said, "I can take you to your home in heaven." With that I opened a vortex to the Light in the middle of a small grove of trees and bushes. The Light was very bright and she saw it right away. She looked so excited.

"Will my grandma be there?" she asked, "My mom says she's in heaven."

"I'm sure she will meet you there," I replied. With that she ran into the Light, the vortex closed and she was gone.

I did not ask her who she was or her life's story. I was, after all, on my morning walk and not officially on duty. But this is also why when people ask me how I like being a shaman I tell them that 90% of the work I do I actually don't get paid for because I have no way of billing the Universe. I feel honoured that they come to me for help. I feel honoured that I was chosen to have the gifts that I do. And it humbles me when a little girl ghost, so trustingly, asks me if I can take her home. It brings tears to my eyes that such a young spirit would have walked this earth for such a short time. I know that somewhere out there is a set of parents and possibly siblings who miss this little one. I hope that some day they read this and can know for sure that she is now okay. She is safe and in the Light. I feel no need to track them down to share this event. If the time is right and they are guided, they will find me. It would not be the first time that I have assisted a crossing and later encountered the family members of the one I crossed over. It happens. This is also why I like to avoid hospitals as much as possible and why I like to breathe as much as possible.

Blessed Be
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Stubblejumpin' Gal said...

Aw, this is nice, Trent, and makes me happy.

Gail said...

Heartwarming and uplifting. Thanks for sharing, Trent.

Kate Althouse said...

Such a beautiful thing you have done. I have no doubt the Universe has a way of remembering kind acts! <3

Unknown said...

This story is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. I'm so glad your morning walks are providing such marvelous benefits. A fact the "Universe" will acknowledge the best way it can, though not necessarily in a monetary fashion.
Keep walking amazing Shaman!

Sally Merdian said...

I'm going through a lot of stuff today and seeking guidance.. I was trying to learn about shamanism meditation... In my meditation, I saw that looks like a kangaroo or a rabbit, a wolf, I saw dancing purple color. A woman sitting, a girl in a swing like about 5 or 6 wearing a white dress. So, I was trying to google about a girl in a swing since I want to know what it means & I got your website. :)