Thursday, December 22, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Is to be able to avoid the Malls!!! I believe I have mentioned this before, but I really prefer to have my Christmas shopping DONE by mid-July. This year...that did not happen. Here we are on the 22nd of December at Midtown Plaza doing the "last minute shopping" that was, obviously, not accomplished prior to this date. Now to be perfectly fair, I must say that some of what we were giving people was ordered through a company a friend distributes for but, because of the Christmas Craze, it all ended up being unavailable. So we were left in the lurch (Donna...not mentioning any names...Donna) and had to hit the mall. An hour and a half in this place and I was almost ready to rip people's heads off!

The only redeeming quality of this mall is the nice decorative display, which is featured in this photo. I actually took the photo as proof that I WAS AT THE MALL ON DECEMBER 22ND! I knew that if I just wrote that some of you would not believe me at all. So here is the proof! Had I been able to think straight I would have snapped a photo of MYSELF IN FRONT OF THE DECORATIVE DISPLAY so that there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I am telling the truth.  A nice little profile shot of me hanging by the neck from it would have conveyed the sentiment adequately.

After shopping for about 30 minutes, I went for hot chocolate and sat in the Timothy's coffee place in the centre of the mall, on a really nice comfortable leather chair, and read some papers while sipping my drink.  While I did this, the mall continued to get louder by the minute. When my phone rang (I was ever so grateful) and my Love said she was done early, we met and high tailed it outa there! I couldn't even have the CD or radio playing in the car because I was already so bombarded with the noise of the mall. It took till we were home about 20 minutes later for my ears to stop ringing.

I am so done with Christmas! If possible, next year I would like to go on a cruise ship instead. Oh...wait....that means more mobs of people in a confined space. NOT COOL!!!!!

Blessed Be
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