Friday, December 9, 2011

Fairies Among Us

A couple of months ago a friend of mine took this photo at the Crooked Bush in Saskatchewan. Before taking the photo of her group of girls there was a flash of light from the left. She snapped a photo of whatever was in that direction and got a similar picture of what we see in this, her second photo. Yup...a fairy! Some have tried to tell her that it is just a mosquito. But, as you can see, the mosquitoes are much smaller in size and do show up as well. This is nowhere near the shape or size of a mosquito. It was much larger, emitted light, and flew around the girls heads. Mosquitoes also don't show up with a brilliant flash of light. They just show up and proceed to eat you. The fairy did not do any harm at all.

The Crooked Bush is a magical place and has been for quite a while (hundreds of years from what I am told). So why is it so hard to believe that a fairy would show up when other apparitions have been witnessed in and around the bush? Humans don't like to be challenged intellectually. We, as a species, are somewhat lazy when it comes to opening our perceptions of what is right there in front of us. That way we don't have to live up to the responsibility of what we have perceived. It is so much easier and comfortable to just say that we must have been crazy and move on. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone actually allowed their perceptions to flow and grow...I think I would like that world!

Blessed Be
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