Friday, December 16, 2011

Strange Things in the Sky

A few weeks ago I saw these two strange trails of "smoke?" in the sky while coming home early one morning from dropping my Love off at work. They were not attached to anything in particular. They just hung there, disembodied, in the sky. When I got home I took a photo of them. It was very difficult to do because of the lack of light that early in the morning. This was the best of all the photos I attempted. I have not touched it up in any way. The "smoke" didn't drift in the wind. It just hung there, seemingly unaffected by anything. Now, you know how, now and then, one will see something that is supposed to look like something else, but it doesn't quite have all the attributes of that something else? Like when a person is wearing one of those creepy rubber Hallowe'en masks and you can see the eyes are not those of the mask's but something else beneath? That is the creepy feeling that these two "puffs of smoke" gave me. It was like I was supposed to see smoke, but the thing I was seeing wasn't actually smoke. So what was it?

I don't know. But what I do know is that when I went into the house to get my gloves from the closet just inside the front door (an act that would have taken perhaps 7 seconds) and came back outside....they were GONE. Smoke doesn't do that either. Nor do clouds or "weather balloons" or anything else that I can think of.

I will always wonder what these were. Or should I say....."Who these were."?

Blessed Be
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