Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Some of you may recognize this portrait from a few years ago. It was one that was done for my daughters in honour of their connection to the Fairy realm. This is, of course, a very close up crop of the centre of the portrait. The reason that I cropped it so close is that I wanted you to be able to see what was in the centre of the portrait. Do you see it? Look closely...right....in....the....centre.....THERE YOU GO!

Yes, that is very distinct. It is a bead that was used to create the centre of the mandala. The bead is clear. There is NOTHING inside the bead.....well.....unless you perhaps include such things as THE FACE OF A FAIRY!!!!

From within the portrait this little one has been watching us all the time, unbeknownst to most who gazed upon the portrait. Talk about fun, eh?! I just had to share that for the heck of it. I hope everyone reading this enjoys it....

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Hiding in plain sight all this time. Oh, the stories she could tell about the wonders she has seen!