Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Star! A Star!

Shining in the night, it will bring us goodness and Light! It will bring us goodness and Light!

That was one of my favorite Christmas carols when I was a kid. Mostly because it was about the star heralding the arrival. Later, in university, I discovered that this is part of a birth myth for many Religious leaders. Lao Tsu, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Kokapelli...they all had a star or comet associated with their births. Makes one wonder if this isn't just code for "They are among us!" Ya, I know. Not the most original thought in the world....the great religious leaders were all aliens trying to wake humanity up so that we could join the intergalactic federation of star warsy and star trecky.

But if it wasn't that, then what were they saying? Were the stars just aligned correctly for these particular births? Was is just that in order to make someone sound important in later texts they had to create some cosmic event to parallel the birth so that this person was one that "stood out amongst the rest"?

I don't know. I don't think anyone really knows. I happen to like stars of all kinds (well, other than Death Stars), so I utilize the image at my altar, in my home and definitely at Christmas. For me it is a reminder that beneath all the false humility that people pretend and play with, we are all a STAR!

Blessed Be
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