Sunday, December 25, 2011

Work Ethic

This Christmas season I discovered a couple of times that what they say about some young people is true. They have no work ethic. They are like that because they have not endured the hardships that their parents and grandparents endured. They think that their parents are just boring and their grandparents are just boring old farts. They don't realize that these people were not born boring. They became boring while putting a roof over these kids' sorry heads, clothes on their sorry butts, and food on their sorry tables.

The mistake that their grandparents and parents did make lies in not wanting their children to endure the same hardships that they had to endure. So they gave their children everything that they perceived themselves to have never had when they were young, thus overindulging their children and grandchildren. Because indulgence is a subtle form of abuse, the effect is that they ended up creating children and grandchildren who feel entitled to have whatever they want simply by virtue of wanting it instead of having it because they worked for it and earned it themselves.  Instead, they give attitude.

So whenever you get someone serving you in a store or cafe or "service station" who is clueless beyond belief and doesn't even give a damn about "customer service", don't waste your time getting angry with them. Pity them. They are the products of their pathetic, materialistic, commercialized upbringing...and they should really only be sterilized so that they are no longer able to pass that crap on to future generations!
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Trent Deerhorn said...

As a friend of a friend puts it: The Generation Y is the generation "Why should I?" "Why would I?" "Why should I even care?"