Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Living by Example

Lao-tzu said,"The wise man governs by non-doing. He teaches by non-saying." Ancient teachings such as these really inspire me. I remember someone saying to me that everyone should lead their lives in such a way that if someone were watching, even if we didn't know that they were watching, they would be inspired. Granted, when I am sitting watching TV or some other mundane activity like that where I am not just entertained, but allowed a moment of mind numbness so that I can decompress from a long day at work, I don't think that I would be very inspirational. I do, however, have a number of things that I do on a daily basis that could possibly inspire anyone who might be accidentally watching me.

And when we think about it, we are actually constantly being watched. Our spirit guides, our power animals, our angels and Deity itself watches every move we make every day. It is not like a voyeuristic thing. It is genuine concern and a desire to guide and assist us whenever we allow the flow to occur. When I first realized this little piece of information, I got a wee bit paranoid, not being sure if they were watching when I was in the shower (Psycho revisited), on the potty, or even making love (Hey! Psst...Is my technique okay?). But then I got okay with the idea because there were a few times when it literally saved my butt.

I am also quite fascinated when someone thanks me for something that they observed me saying or doing when I didn't even know that they were watching. The first time this happened was in University, when the president of a club for which I was the director of public relations took it upon herself to yell at me about something in the middle of a cafeteria. When she stopped talking I looked at her and said, in a very calm voice,"Now that you are done demonstrating to everyone in the cafeteria that you are really not a very nice person, I will let you know that nobody speaks to me that way and especially in the environment in which you chose to do it. I am completely willing to take guidance from someone, but criticism and abuse will only be tolerated in the form of opinion and only if I choose to beat it out of you. Since this is something that you have obviously not yet learned in the 24 years that you have so far been on this earth, I think that it is only appropriate to let you know that there are repercussions to your actions. You see, I do not and will not ever work with anyone who is like you. So you can now focus your attention on finding a replacement and no, I will not be training whomever the poor sod is that you find. That is now up to you.." She then turned and walked away, completely dumbfounded by my lack of fear.

About a week later, someone who became, over time, a fairly good friend introduced herself to me and told me that she was incredibly impressed with how I had handled this person who, over the last three years, had bullied her way around everyone. I think that it was not necessarily one of my finer moments in life because although I was direct, I was also brutal. Nonetheless, it helped inspire someone to know that it is okay to declare boundaries immediately upon the crossing of them. No matter when or where, someone is watching and will either be inspired or deeply disappointed. Their response is up to them. Our actions are up to ourselves.

Blessed Be



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