Friday, November 7, 2008

A Star! A Star!

As I am sitting in front of my balcony window, writing this, I see the beautiful sunrise on the horizon. It is only -5 degrees and really doesn't seem to be that cold out. It is, however, just cold enough to keep our food preserved out on the balcony while we await the delivery of our new fridge as the old one died on us the other day. But it is not cold enough to have me in the mood for Christmas!

I say this because while shopping through a department store the other day there was Christmas Music Playing!!!! It is the beginning of NOVEMBER, people! We have just barely finished with Hallow e'en and are not even up to Remembrance Day and they are commercially pushing Christmas on us! That is obscene! It is SICK! It is brilliant when it comes to marketing.

I encourage everyone to hold back on their Christmas shopping and make these mind bending freaks who come up with these silly ideas sweat it out a bit longer. They really have no right to be programming us into when we should be buying and when it is time to bring out that credit card and let it go "cha-ching!". Honestly, I don't like the materialism of all of this. Having said that, I do tend to do Christmas shopping in July. That way, when the urge to succumb to these subliminal messages from the department stores starts, I can just remind myself that I am organized enough that I already have that cased and I don't need to do any spontaneous shopping at all.

Now, I wonder how long it will take me to get that stupid Christmas song out of my head! Probably not as long as it will take those poor sots who work there! Ha!

Blessed Be


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