Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Only Natural

Animals know what they need and they tend to know when they need it. Once they know, they do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal. Humans can learn a lot from animals when it comes to responding to basic needs. I know someone who is continually not going to the washroom because she is too busy to take the time. The amount of damage that she is doing to her body over time is unthinkable. Thank heavens they have come out with Depends because, if she doesn't curb her behaviour and start responding to her body's needs, she will need them.

Ah, the life of a cat. Our cat inspires me. Who doesn't want to lay in the spot of sunlight and have a cat nap in the middle of the afternoon? Now that is responding to the basic needs of the body. Like our cat, I tend to have a siesta in the middle of the afternoon. After lunch, I take a 10-20 minute nap. It doesn't have to be in the sun, but it does have to be uninterrupted. That way I am able to recharge my batteries. I am the type who can be asleep as soon as the eyes close. In fact, I have to be careful how long a blink lasts! So I go very deep very quickly and then come out of sleep just as quickly. My thoughts are clearer and my energies are higher. This allows me to be on top of things and function much better. My mother made sure that I napped every day when I was young. Sometimes she regretted the decision because she wanted me to be doing something else. But I am so glad that she gave me that gift. With so many people who struggle to sleep, I feel blessed that not only am I able to but that I can do so in the middle of the afternoon and not have it disrupt my night time sleep.

Sometimes I am dreaming within seconds of closing my eyes. Dreams are an important part of my reality. They help me to process events in my life and they give me guidance on pressing issues in my life. I think that because I am an avid dreamer, I am able to see things with more clarity than perhaps someone who does not remember their dreams might. Dreams give us insights and with those insights we are able to respond to our lives and the people in them with greater ease.

Blessed Be


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Gail said...

If I have a nap in the afternoon, quite often I awaken feeling worse than before I laid down. I don't know why that is. My head will feel foggy and my body heavy; it's like the arms of Morpheus pinned me down and don't wanna let me up.
Do you have pinatas at your afternoon fiestas?

Trent Deerhorn said...

Ah, the curse of the typo!

Lauren said...

I am an avid fan of "The Nap"! Anywhere, Anytime, close my eyes ... and I'm gone. Love it.