Sunday, November 16, 2008

When the News is Not Good

A number of years ago my oldest sister went into the hospital in with heart issues and ended up having a five bypass surgery. About a month or so afterward during her recovery, she was informed that, according to the tests that were done during surgery, she also had lung cancer. She was told that it was bad enough that she should get her affairs in order. She dealt with this information quite stoically, but I knew that inside she was terrified. Her main thing was that she did not ever want to come back to this earth because it was just too difficult a journey. I told her that when the time comes, she might actually have a different opinion on that. In the meantime, we were doing healing work with her and helping her to, at the very least, keep some of the pain under control. She made some dramatic emotional breakthroughs during that time.

I find that this sort of situation is difficult at best, especially when the person is already getting ready to leave. It is important to know when the agenda needs to shift from surviving into transitioning. I think that my main purpose in this situation was to help her to transition into the Light, which I did, as difficult as it was to see her go.

The thing is that there is a concept of the World Tree involved in all of this. The World Tree is the connection of all the conscious realms as one. When someone crosses over, there is a journey that they take. Although we are not meant to cross over as well, some of us are able to witness what is on the other side during the crossing over process. I was able to see her soul go towards the Light and I saw our grandmother welcome her and then, with a burst of radiance, the portal to the Otherworld was gone. Since then, I have still been able to talk with her now and then, as I do with my mother and my grandmother. This brings great comfort to me as I know that it is only a shift in the temple that we experience. We leave the physical temples of our bodies and enter a different temple where we are able to process the events of our lives. Having done that several times myself, I know that once that processing is complete, we can also come back into this world and reside in a new temple and have new experiences from which to learn and grow. This makes the whole death thing a lot less scary.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Trent - Your capacity for love and compassion knows no bounds. Assisting your sister in her transition to the Other Side is evidence of that. You are truly one in a quadrillion!

Vanitha said...

When I first read this blog entry it brought tears to my eyes. You are truly an amazing brother and soul! I'm so glad you remain connected to this beloved sister.

Upon second read this morning, I must say, "My what fabulous pomegranites you grow"!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Why, thank you ma'am. Tweren't nothin'.