Monday, November 3, 2008

Who's Gonna Catch Ya?

I was driving in the car today, having just picked up groceries, and a song came on the radio. I don't know who's song it was or the title, but the words in the song went something like, "Who's gonna catch ya? I'm willing to betcha, it will be me." I am sure we have that song on a CD somewhere in the car, but for now I will just say I don't know who sings it etc. I found it fascinating that that was the question in the song. Here is why.

We are so often told by those who love us that they will always be there for us. But life isn't always so perfect that when we need someone they are actually there. We get covert messages from friends and family that we actually can't make it in the world on our own because "No man is an island." I don't think that the island thing had to do with security or independence. I think that it had to do with understanding our connection with everything else and that we are not able to exist without having some effect on everything and everyone around us. And nothing and no one around us can have absolutely no effect on us. I remember hearing my mother's friend say to her that, "I am not going to let him hurt me." The thing is, he already had hurt her. The fact that she was trying not to show it only meant that she was disconnecting from her emotions. We are going to get hurt sometimes. That is a natural fact. How we deal with it is completely up to the individual. The thing is that we always have a choice. Not everyone gets it that there is choice involved.

We can choose to be codependent and think that we are always going to need someone to catch us if we fall, or we can choose to stand on our own two feet and take off running! Just remember that when you decide to take off running, it is much more fun when you include with it a "Wheeeeeeee!"

Blessed Be



Gail said...

The image that came to mind after I read the final word, "wheeeee" in your post, was that of Homer Simpson, riding on a book cart down the sidewalk after he'd escaped from prison. He was really angry because it was Flanders' testimony that had landed him there in the first place. During his incarceration he delivered books to the other inmates in their cells. Something happened at the prison, a riot maybe, that resulted in the perfect opportunity for Homer to escape, so he took it. He rode away down the streets of Springfield, using his book cart as a scooter, propelling himself down the sidewalk towards Flanders' house. He'd put his foot down to propel himself forward and say, "Must kill Flanders", and then, when he had both feet planted back on the cart, enjoying the ride, he'd say, "Wheeee!"
One of Homer's more psychotic episodes to be sure, but also a classic illustration of the extreme lengths a dysfunctional human being will go in order to feel 'in control' again within their otherwise chaotic reality. Battling insanity with insanity is merely 'normal' behaviour for a dysfunctional person.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Hi Gail,

So.....just for clarity....are you calling me "dysfunctional"?? ;-)